Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am eating: LCM bars for breakfast, have a French loaf in the breadmaker and Roast Chicken and Stuffing sandwiches made ready for lunch

I am drinking: water and trying not to think about the cans of Diet Coke in the cupboard (must avoid caffeine!)

I am listening: to the baby chatting away in his cot and I'm wondering if he will settle himself to sleep* or am I just dreaming?! I might put on one of my birthday CDs soon. Graeme bought me The Boat that Rocked soundtrack and The Great NZ Songbook 2. They are awesome.

I am wearing: leggings (from Marks and Sparks - my mum sent them over when I was pregnant), my purple baggy top (bought from a secondhand shop in Australia a couple of years ago) and my sparkly shoes (from Next in the UK).

I am looking at: the beautiful view through my front window. It's such a colourful view - whoever planted our garden did an awesome job.

I am thinking about: tidying up the clutter and laundry in the lounge ready for our Plunket visit this afternoon.

I am watching: nothing at the moment but planning to watch Emmerdale at lunchtime. I have developed a strange addiction to it!

I am loving: being a mummy and a wife. Sure, it has it's ups and downs but overall it's pretty awesome. Never thought I'd be content with such a simple life but there it is.

I am missing: my mum. Love you mum :-) Looking forward to your next visit!

I am looking forward to: Christmas - it'll be baby's first one and hopefully we may have some family here to celebrate it with us.

* he didn't settle so has been moved to the couch next to me instead where he is charming me with his smiles :-)


  1. My daughter LOVES any kind of turbine or spinning flower. Your top image had me immediately!

    Welcome to KMB!

  2. Thanks for the welcome Angela :-)
    I got the windmill in a gift shop in Tirau last year but since then I've seen them in a few knick-knack-y kind of shops all about the place. I love it - cheers me up on grey days :-)


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