Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My baby boy has been asleep in his cot for 30 minutes. I am calling this a success as it is 25 minutes longer than he spent in his cot yesterday during the day :-)
I am pretty lucky - my boy sleeps well at night so I really don't feel I can complain but when he demands attention all day long it can get quite tiring.

My second success for today has been having time to eat jam on toast and drink a mint hot chocolate.

It really is the simple things that can make me smile.

I spent some time last night scribbling ideas in my notebook for blog posts on this new blog. I have a list of recipes I would like to share so I have to get baking so I can take photos to accompany the recipes. I also have a list of stuff/things/websites that we love that I want to share. And some crafty projects I have completed lately or will be doing soon. So I just need to get busy with the camera so I have lots of pretty images to share with you and break up the words.

I have noticed that yesterday's post is dated Sunday 17th when in actual fact I wrote and posted it on Monday 18th so I am going to go and look for time settings in Blogger and make sure I am listed as NZ time.

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