Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scrapbooking: First Photo

I love scrapbooking.
I love anything crafty really.
I haven't been scrapbooking as much as I would have liked up until recently. There always seemed to be something else to do.
But now baby has come along I have found I like to take some time by myself sticking things together and picking pretty stickers and papers to go together.
It also means G and baby can have some time together on a Sunday morning while I get elbow deep in paint and glue :-)

This is the first layout I have done in a long time and it's the first photo taken after baby was born. There's a tag poked in behind the photo with some journalling on it about how I was feeling when this photo was taken.

I decided to photograph it next to some of baby's clothes. A good way of seeing what he was wearing when I scrapped the photo :-)

I have a ridiculous amount of scrapbooking bits (stash) so I have decided I need to get lots of scrapbooking done to use up some more of my supplies before I can buy anything new.
I have decided that for every layout I complete I get $2 to spend on new scrapbooking stuff. But I want to accumulate a fair bit (and use up a lot of supplies) before I start spending again.
Also glue/tape is exempt as I need it to be able to complete the pages. And I need to buy a new scrapbook album and some pockets to put all the baby layouts in so that's exempt too!

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