Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ta da! My Completed Christmas Journal

I actually had my Christmas Journal finished pretty soon after the 31st December but had 1 photo still to print and add in and then I had to find time and daylight to photograph the pages.
You can see the beginnings of my Christmas Journal for 2012 here.

And here are the rest of the pages...

These pages feature my Twitter Secret Santa gift (I'm reasonably certain the person I sent it to doesn't read my blog!), our painted pasta Christmas ornaments and a picnic at Waitangi Park under the Telecom Christmas Tree

Next up we have the Christmas Cracker I sent to Cat, popcorn and Christmas movies and the awesome Twitter Secret Santa gift I received

And then a family portrait in the water ball at te papa, a snapshot of the weather and a screenshot of the Icons game me and hubby were busy playing on the lead up to Christmas

Christmas cookies, the cracker Cat sent me and celebrating the boys last day at work/kindy

Visiting Santa's Grotto at Kirkcaldie & Staines, a misty festive feeling view one evening (this was the 23rd when the weather caused problems at the airport) and leaving a beer and biscuits out for Santa

For Christmas Day I featured 5 photos to document the day

Another trip to Te Papa, Hobbit Day! and a visit to Wellington Zoo

And then a visit to the park at the beach, our Christmas Thank you card photo and a festively kiwi photo to finish on 31st December.

In some years I've taken my journal right through to 6th January but I was ready to get it finished by the end of December this year.
And here's a few extras tucked at the back...

I had a couple of photos that hadn't made it in elsewhere so added those - Mr Mischief took the top photo of me and hubby dancing - it's blurry but quite possibly my favourite photo. And we got some Christmas cupcakes from Tempt so I added a photo of those too.
The bottom square is patterned paper and it says Goodbye 2012.
The 3x4 pockets contain our Advent Activities List, our Christmas Card list and Presents Given list.

And overleaf I printed my 2012 Ta Da List and trimmed it to fit the 3 4x4 pockets and more lists: Mr Mischief's gifts, Hubby and my gifts plus Christmas Cards Received

And I also added a 6x12 envelope page at the back and added a copy of the Christmas Card we sent out, Mr Mischief's letter to Santa and a few other special bits and pieces.

Here it is all finished - because it's long it didn't end up being too fat!
I'd definitely consider doing something similar in the future. It's so easy to take a photo and write a journalling card each day - even during the crazy, busy season!

I'm really pleased with it and look forward to pulling it out again later this year and looking at it with Mr Mischief!

Today I'm linking up with Show and Tell. Why not head over and see what everyone else is showing off :-)


  1. Awesome journal! It'll be fab to look back on over the years.

  2. What a fantastic record to have! Well done you - will be so special as years go by :)

  3. Wow! That's so cool! I love it! :)


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