Monday, January 7, 2013

Document 2012: September

The race is on to get my Document 2012 album completed. My goal is to have it finished by the end of January. Here's hoping! 
The October photos are all printed but I've misplaced my little hand-drawn plan so may need to do another. And I still need to choose photos and plan pages for both November and December. Then make all the pages. And finish the album with a front window "mini page", front page and back page. It sounds like a big job writing it all down so I think I'll break it into baby steps!

Here's how September looks:

This was the month our wee family was split between Palmy and Wellington so there's a real mix of photos including my last day at my previous job and a poorly Mr Mischief right before moving day!

My feature page shows some photos from leaving our house and I printed this blog post out to add there as well. A simple page but really it's the story that matters here.

Mr Mischief's feature page - lots of great photos of him in September and it was hard to choose so I printed lots and cut them small! The big white box covers him showing off his belly (I figured he wouldn't thank me for that when he's older if I left it there!)

And more farewells to Palmy and hello's to Wellington. The middle photo is the keys left on the counter at our old house. It was such a strange feeling leaving them there, walking out and shutting the door behind us!

And that's September done. 75% of the album complete!

You can see how I've documented 2012 here including more pages from this album as well as my Christmas album (which I must take photos of and blog about!)

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  1. I want to finish my 2012 album by the end of January also, but I doubt that will happen :( I've finished September but so much happened in October & December, it's going to take awhile! I also have a December Daily to finish, so many projects & so little time!!

    I absolutely love your photo grid pages! These are all very cute, I can't wait to see the rest of your album & how you tie it all together!!


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