Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life :: 2013 (Weeks 1 and 2)

In the past I've said I didn't think I could commit to Project Life.
If you don't know what Project Life is click here and read all about it. It's such a simple system and you don't have to have a roomful of scrapbook supplies to do it (just don't tell my husband that!). It's a great way to document life.
I've enjoyed documenting our lives on a monthly basis over the last 2 years (completed Document 2012 album to be posted soon!) but I fancied a change for 2013 and when I found out that one of my favourite bloggers - Elise Blaha Cripe - had designed the Seafoam edition for 2013 my decision was made!
I pre-ordered the binder and core kit with birthday money back in October and ordered my pocket pages with Christmas money.
I was champing at the bit to collect my core kit and pocket pages on 7th January when Craft House opened! (The binder is on it's way and will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks).

I've not decided if I'll be sharing each week's spread here or not. Quite possibly if I don't have much else to blog about!
But here's a look at how the 1st two weeks have come together...

Week 1 double spread

A closer look at Week 1 left side
The Move More Eat Well cards are printables from this online class I'm taking. They will probably pop up every week or every couple of weeks.
I saved my movie ticket from Breaking Dawn Part 2 and stapled that onto a seafoam card.

The bottom right background paper is from my stash but everything else is Seafoam.

Week 2 double spread

Including an inception moment with a photo of Seafoam making it in to my weekly spread!

I was very pleased with myself for making my own printables (top, left). I realised I would miss the monthly Mr Mischief feature page that I was making each month in my Document 2012 album so I decided to print up some 6x4 cards. They list Mr Mischief's age and then there's journalling space for "Loving:", "Doing:" and "Saying:". The plan is to journal these prompts on the 10th of each month as Mr Mischief's birthday is on the 10th. I have no doubt his picture will feature enough in the album but it'll be nice to note down what he's doing each month.
Also on this page is my hospital tag from having my wisdom teeth removed. It's stapled to one of the foldable cards. The Recorded card journals how I felt the day before the operation, the foldable card has an email I sent to family after the operation and I also mention how I was feeling a couple days on on the last journalling card of the week.
We also got a new car at the weekend so that's featured too!

So far I am loving this! I have been occassionally journalling during the course of the week and I've made myself a sheet to fill in each week with a page plan and a little note of what we did each day and what photo I want to use.
My plan is to get photos picked and loaded on my flashdrive each Sunday evening, get them printed on Monday and hopefully get the pages completed the same day. We will see how long that plan lasts :-)
I'm finding it much less time consuming than Documenting on a monthly basis because I'm doing it as it happens rather than trying to review the month in 1 go.

I've not finished my cover page yet - hoping to get onto that once I have my Document 2012 album finished.

I'm also happy to offer the Mr Mischief monthly update printable card and my planning pages if anyone is keen to use them? Just leave me a comment and I can email them through. And I may look into adding them here as a Freebie.


  1. woohoo! awesome to see how effectively you have embraced Project Life! thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Looks great! Love the Mr Mischief idea. He will love looking back on that in years to come.

  3. Just popped on over from the FB project life page. Looks and sounds like everything is going great. Love all your hand journaling - you say you think it looks messy - but cool messy hmmm? Are you hand writing straight onto your photos? What pen are you using?

  4. Loving the Move more, eat well message too:)

  5. wow, looks great! and you are inspiring me to get started on mine!
    I love Elise Blaha's blog.


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