Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Thank You's

It's fair to say I am a fan of sending Thank You cards. If someone has gone to the trouble of sending a present I like to acknowledge that. 
Since Mr Mischief has come on the scene (how is that 2 1/2 years ago already?!) I have tried to send Thank You's for his baby gifts, birthdays and Christmas gifts.

For Christmas 2012 I decided to embrace the fact that it's our summer holidays here in New Zealand and make the postcards.
I found a recent photo of Mr Mischief with a big chunk of "white space". (He's on one of those roundabout type things at the playpark where you use the top disc to spin yourself around. The disc gave me lots of room for "writing"). Then I opened the photo in Paint and added the Thank You text and a wee smiley face in the corner. 

I got them printed 6x4 at the photo printers and then stuck white card (cut to 6x4) on the back. Then drew a line down the middle, some address lines and a box for the stamp to make it look like a postcard!

They've all been written and posted off and hopefully will make the recipients smile as they arrive in the mail!

You can see other Thank You cards I've made here and here.

 Show & Tell Thursday's

This week I'm linking up with Show and Tell hosted by Leonie. Why not pop over and see what everyone else has been busy with?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this post and the postcard you have made is great

  2. What a lovely idea. The art of the Thank You card is a dying one and it is a shame!

  3. Snail mail, post cards and thank you's - wonderful things that theres not enough of these days! They look great!


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