Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Crochet Brooch

It was my Mum's birthday earlier this week. She's headed this way soon (the countdown is on and we can't wait to see her!) and we're planning to have a belated cake when she gets here and treat her but I couldn't not send her a wee something in the post for the actual day :-)

I decided to make her a brooch with some lovely pink yarn that she sent me!

I used the Attic 24 May Rose pattern for both the rose and the leaves. Where would I be without Lucy and her easy to read and understand crochet patterns?!
Once the rose and leaves were made a sewed a small circle of felt on the back with a safety pin attached so she could pin it on. I decided not to show a photo of that as my sewing can only be described as messy!

I found a wee kraft coloured gift box that was the perfect size to keep it safe on it's journey to the UK...

And I couldn't resist adding some washi tape and bakers twine to fancy the package up a little!

Mum said she loves it and it's currently pinned to the Buzzy Bee canvas bag I also sent her (which I thought would be handy for her upcoming holiday!)

I'm linking up with Show and Tell this week. 
Why not head over and see what everyone else has been making lately?


  1. Very cute brooch. I hope to one day be able to crochet something like this. And the way you wrapped it is very cute too. Id be very happy recieving thay in the mail. Thanks flr commenting on my blog!

  2. super sweet! I love lucy too! :) x

  3. How gorgeous! I can crochet but cannot read a crochet pattern. I received my Christmas cracker yesterday - it is lovely .

  4. Love it - too cute! and love those Attic 24 tutorials! thanks for linking :)


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