Saturday, January 21, 2012

You know you are the mother of a toddler when... 8am on a Saturday the following has happened...

  • You have been summonsed to rescue him from his cot
  • The dog has been giggled at and bossed about
  • There are toast crumbs and peanut butter all over the couch
  • ...and spilt water
  • ....and spilt milk
  • You have read Supermarket Zoo at least twice and made all accompanying animal noises
  • You've received lots of snuggly little cuddles between his busy-ness
  • There's been lots of chatting
  • He's played peekaboo behind the curtains
  • You've had to move everything you thought was safe one step higher because it's as if he grew 2 inches overnight

Love him so much!

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