Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A photo a day

One of the first apps I got for my iPhone (after the wonderful Instagram of course!) was Project 365. It lets you either take a photo or pick a photo for each day and shows them as little thumbnails on a monthly calendar. You can also click on a photo to make it bigger and scroll through them at the larger size.
The app allows you to set an alert or alarm so every day at 8.30pm I get a message to remind me to choose/take my photo for the day. I'm quite keen on taking photos at the moment but I imagine once the excitement of the new phone wears off I may not always remember so this will be a great reminder.
Using the screen shot function on my phone I have taken pictures of how the January calendar looks. The first couple of weeks are empty as I didn't have the phone but I've managed a photo every day since I have had it!
I'm hoping to print these images 6x4 for my Document 2012 album.

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