Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today: 25~01~12

One of the favourite 'shared' toys at the moment, a tent he got for Christmas. Picture taken with my phone this morning.

I am eating: reasonably healthy at the moment, back on the Weight Watchers wagon with a good loss last week - here's hoping for another one this week.

I am drinking: mostly water as I'm trying to encourage Mr. Mischief to drink lots of water too.

I am listening: to possible new neighbours - I can't hear what they are saying but one of them has a super annoying laugh so really hoping that's just a moving helper and not going to be a permanent feature.

I am wearing: my grey t-shirt with a pink heart and tiny map of NZ which I love but it's starting to look a bit old and worn :-( and some trousers I haven't worn for ages but can now fit into again!

I am looking at: my to do list and realising I've only ticked one thing off so far and the rather green garden just outside the lounge window.

I am thinking about: whether to go get Mr. Mischief out of his cot as I can hear him rattling around or waiting to see if he will re-settle back to sleep.

I am watching: nothing at the moment have just watched Emmerdale on MySky - still loving it!

I am making: I just started and finished today a cute little present for a lovely friend. I will reveal all once it's been handed over but I really hope she likes it!

I am loving: this beautiful summer's day. Not too hot and with just enough of a breeze to be just right, epsecially when accompanied by birds singing and butterflies fluttering. 

I am missing: days off when I could do whatever I liked without planning it around a little person. He's awesome but he does take a lot of time :-)

I am looking forward to: a holiday in the not-too-distant future, frittata for dinner tonight and getting a lovely snuggly toddler cuddle when I do get Mr. Mischief out of bed!

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