Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Ta Da List

Each year since 2006 I've come up with a Ta Da list for the year. A list of things I am proud to have achieved that year. Some of the achievements are pretty big and others are just fun.
For 2011 I compiled this list by looking back over my calendar, gratitude journal and document 2011 album to make sure I didn't miss anything. I think this is the biggest list yet - possibly because I have been so busy documenting 2011 in various forms :-)
You can see my previous years here: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. (Note: 2006 - 2009 link to an old blog).

  1. Rode the train at the Esplanade (twice)
  2. Visited Wellington Zoo (twice)
  3. Had an Encounter with Red Pandas
  4. Celebrated the Royal Wedding
  5. Found an awesome child minder
  6. Returned to work (part-time)
  7. Had a handful of baby-free dates with G
  8. Celebrated all the nights that baby slept all the way through (with stars on the calendar)
  9. Held a joint 1st birthday party with our antenatal group
  10. Farewelled a friend (RIP Michelle)
  11. Joined Weight Watchers
  12. Met Wendyl Nissen, got my book signed and learnt how to make my own baby wipes
  13. Looked after another baby overnight
  14. Aqua Zumba'd and looking forward to more in 2012!
  15. Hosted a baby shower complete with games that people enjoyed
  16. Crocheted lots (finished my rainbow granny, learnt to hexie and made a table runner and baby blanket, made bags, crocheted balls and Christmas puddings and learnt to ripple and made a baby ripple)
  17. Juggled being a mother, wife and employee among other things
  18. Completed 26 of my 29@29 list
  19. Created my 30@30 plan
  20. Potato stamped our own Christmas wrapping paper
  21. Made up a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  22. Bought and learnt how to use (well the absolute basics!) a sewing machine
  23. Gave the garden a makeover
  24. Got professional photos of the baby plus some family shots too
  25. Listed a daily gratitude every day between March and December
  26. Celebrated our 2nd anniversary by treating ourselves to new cotton sheets
  27. Had fun when my Mum visited
  28. Documented 2011
  29. Became Editor of the Scrappin' Patch newsletter and created 8 monthly issues
  30. Celebrated my 1st Mothers Day
  31. Grew my collection of Cornishware
  32. Got baby his 1st passport and successfully renewed ours
  33. Purchased washi tape and used lots of it in crafty endeavours
  34. Turned 2 years of photos into videos
  35. Blogged regularly, hosted giveaways and gained followers
  36. Made 2 sides of my seasonal blocks
  37. Made friendship bracelets
  38. Made a superhero cape
  39. Learnt how to make chalk paint
  40. Submitted our citizenship applications
  41. Saw my 1st Santa Parade
  42. Bought and used my Instax Camera
  43. Volunteered at my local Parents Centre and wrote a lot of minutes
  44. Participated in Week In The Life
  45. Enjoyed Snow in Palmy!
  46. Participated in RAK day
  47. Took part in the tea towel, Rugby World Cup, NZ Handmade Christmas and Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swaps
  48. Grew our own strawberries and tomatoes (we are yet to taste the tomatoes, ripening takes ages!)
  49. Enjoyed being part of the country that hosted (and WON!) the Rugby World Cup
  50. Finally finished this list! It's taken me ages :-)
Well done if you managed to read this far :-) What are you proud of achieving in 2011?

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