Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Creative Space: Potato Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper

I was inspired by Juliet (Tartan Kiwi) to have a go at potato stamping our own Christmas wrapping paper recently.

Hubby and me each took a potato half to carve. I'd forgotten about Juliet's idea of using a cookie cutter so our shapes were quite wonky but I'm hoping that gives them charm! 
I cut out a star shape and hubby cut out a negative of a star shape.

I taped (with masking tape) a length of brown paper down on the path in the back garden and put a blob of yellow and red paint each on a paper plate.

We also had a paintbrush for extra squiggles. Plus a pack of wet wipes and some paper towels handy for cleaning up :-)

Here's our wrapping paper design in progress...

and here's a close up of the potato halves with the shapes cut out (they were a bit dirty at this point after being wiped over the concrete a few times!)

To be honest hubby and I did most of the actual potato printing but baby seemed to have fun and he did paint some squiggles. Mostly he enjoyed trying to paint the dog and eat the paint brush!

And now our paper is wrapped around some Christmas presents for family and most of it is headed to the UK :-)
We will definitely have another go at this in the future :-)

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  1. we were just talking about potato printing in class the other day, haven't done it for years. remember it being a lot of fun :)

  2. The best thing about this is that family LOVE it and if you do it again next year you will be able to see a real difference in baby's ability. Rascal LOVED it this year and her shapes were clear.


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