Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NZ Mug Swap 2013 :: What I Sent (including a crochet cup cosy)

I recently took part in the #NZMugSwap2013 hosted by Alisa. You can read more about the swap on Alisa's blog.

The swap was random rather than being assigned a partner and buying for each other. It was up to the sender if they wanted to remain anonymous or not.

I decided to make myself known when I sent my parcel...partly so I could blog about what I sent here!

My swap person to send to was Sima J and luckily she wrote a blog post especially for me about all the things she likes!

Here's a look at what I popped in her parcel...

I bought her a Tea Infuser mug which is a plain blue mug but it comes with a little "net/basket" inside so you can infuse loose leaf tea in hot water. The mug also comes with a lovely lid for infusing the tea.
I also added in:
  • Organic Peppermint Teabags (I love peppermint tea!)
  • A little purple windmill
  • Horse stickers
  • Handcream
  • Organic Chocolate
  • Some face cleanser sachets  
And I also crocheted a mug cosy. Here's some extra pictures so you can see it close up...

To make the cosy I crocheted 5 little two round granny squares which I joined together as I went along. I then added a scallop border all the way around the edge. At one end I added a chain loop and at the other I sewed a button on so that the mug cosy could be clipped around any mug. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :-) 

Come back tomorrow to see what I received in the swap!

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  1. What a great parcel and cute cosy! of course she loved it :)


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