Friday, October 25, 2013

Gift Idea :: All About My Dad

Back in my blog hibernation we celebrated Father's Day.
I thought I'd share what we made here. While it's a while away until the next Fathers Day (whether you are in NZ, the UK or somewhere else) I think this could be easily adapted for a Christmas or birthday or just because present!

I had seen some great ideas and inspiration for children's questionnaires on Pinterest and as Mr Mischief had recently turned 3 I thought it would be a great time to have a go.
I did a search to see if I could find a template to use but some of the questions weren't quite right for our situation or there was American spelling so in the end I came up with my own version.
I jotted down the questions and one morning over breakfast posed the questions to Mr Mischief. I noted his answers and then created an electronic version in Word.
Once the questions were typed up I added a recent photo of Mr Mischief and his Daddy, had a play with fonts and colours and got it printed in colour. Then we found a frame to fit the trimmed down questionnaire, added some scrapbooking paper for the background and popped it in the frame.
G loved it and it now sits on his desk at work to make him smile.

I've copied below the text so you can see what questions we come up with. This is something I'd like to repeat in the future asking the same questions to see what answers come out differently!

I'm happy to share the Word file if you'd like to adapt it for your own gift. Leave a comment here or email me (the link is in my blogger profile) if you'd like me to email you a copy :-)

All About My Dad
By: Mr Mischief        Age: 3

What is Daddy’s Name? Umm...Gxxxxx
How old is Daddy? Like this much (holding up 2 fingers)
What does Daddy do for a job? Go to the shops, he works hard all day
What is Daddy’s Favourite Colour? Like that (pointing at Rhett who is black)
What is Daddy’s Favourite Food? These (Honey Puffs, which Luke was eating for breakfast)
What Colour are Daddy’s Eyes? Same colour as Me (Grey/Blue)
What Colour is Daddy’s Hair? Like Mummy’s
What does Daddy always say? “I want to go to work”
What is your Favourite Thing about Daddy? Giving Him a Cuddle 
Why do you Love Daddy? Because I love him lots 



  1. That's so sweet! Great idea x

  2. Very sweet and cute idea Katie :)

  3. What a lovely idea! Gifts like these always mean the most because they're made with love and make a fabulous memory of our little ones xx


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