Monday, October 14, 2013

A Crocheted Baby Blanket

I have a long time friend that I've known for 20 years (give or take). She used to live a few houses down the road from me and we used to get the bus to and from high school together. 
We've not been fantastic about regularly keeping in touch since leaving school (not to mention me moving to Scotland and then NZ) but a couple of times a year we normally catch up via email and notes in Christmas cards. And everytime I've visited the UK since leaving we have had a catch-up. 
A wee while ago my friend, M, got in touch to say she was pregnant with her first baby. She was fairly far along when I found out and I instantly knew I wanted to try making her a blanket. 

Mr Mischief and I headed to the wool shop and he "helped" me pick out some neutral colours as we didn't know if M was having a boy or girl. 
I got busy with a small ripple blanket and worked on it everyday. 
I worked it up to be a similar size to my rainbow ripple. It's a small blanket designed for tucking around baby in the buggy or car seat. 
The ripple worked up fairly quickly and then I added a simple border all the way round. I did think about trying to fill out the ripple to make the border straight but decided to keep it ripply in the end. 

I was really pleased with how it turned out and it was a bit of a wrench packing it up and sending it off to be honest.
The good news though is the blanket has arrived safe and sound and my friend M and her lovely baby boy are both very taken with it!


  1. I like it alot Katie - well done you! No doubt Mum and her new baby boy are too :)

  2. Love the colours! Clever you and lucky friend! :-)

  3. Gorgeous! I love this baby blanket! the colors are beautiful and this is a beautiful story! congratulations! and I say that good friends do not have borders, but only occasionally speak, you know that a good friend will always be by your side! I congratulate them both and especially the mother of the baby! welcome to the world, little one!


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