Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Life (Weeks 19 and 20)

 20 weeks in already - this year seems to have flown by so far!

Week 19 - we changed up the bedtime routine a little (a cup of milk on the sofa in his jammies then tucked into bed), it bucketed down with rain and the playground at work flooded!, I made Peanut Butter Choc Chip cookies, I bought some hycainths to go in my Mothers Day Cornishware bowl, I made some cards to send to Sophie and I included a motivating quote.

Mothers Day goodies from Mr Mischief (a painted card and a little glass jar planted with seeds from daycare), paper fishing with magnets, a visit to a cafe, more Mothers Day goodies (a labelmaker and washi tape from Teapea!), Mr Mischief's update at 2 years and 9 months and a lovely picture of the waterfront.
There's also a folded journalling card where I have written about 12wbt and included my before photos and measurements inside.

And here's the double spread. 

Week 20 and I got my week numbers confused - argh! So I had to cover up my mistake with a sticker on the weekly title card! I got a Mothers Day parcel from my Mum (I was well and truly spoilt this year!), a picture of me "glowing" after my first 12wbt workout, a screenshot of my FitBit weekly report showing I climbed 71 floors that week! A progress card for 12wbt week 1 (showing total minutes of workouts, weigh-in results, favourite meals and thoughts and reflections), a family shot, Mr Mischief gardening and Mr Mischief in the car telling us he was happy (*insert big happy sigh here*)

On the right hand side I have a shot of Houghton Bay as I was driving round the coast, hubby on 3 news! (his company won an award), playing with the Beautiful Mess app, Mr Mischief wearing his superhero mask on a Saturday morning, 10,000+ steps before 11am, we found the Tardis in Wellington, skyping Grandad and the view from a walk with a fellow 12wbt-er - we climbed soooooo many steps!

And here's both pages together.


  1. Hi There,Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2013!!! Well, at least you'll be able to page back on this year and always have these great memories!!! Have a great week!!!

  2. Oooooh you've got a fitbit!! What do you think? What's a 12wbt workout?

  3. Anne-Marie - it's going so fast isn't it? 1st day of Winter today in this part of the world so I'm hoping to take advantage of chilly and dark nights and getting lots of crafting done!

    Topkatnz - I'm really enjoying the FitBit (I did a review here: http://www.mummy-adventures.com/2013/02/review-fitbit-one-wireless-activity.html) and hubby is doing a step challenge at the moment so it's turned into a bit of a competition! A 12wbt workout is part of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation which I'm doing at the moment :-)


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