Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Commitment to My Future

This is a little scary...
I promise to try not to bore you with lots of health and fitness talk (and especially depressing "I fell off the wagon" posts) and this may come as a surprise after yesterday's cookie recipe but here goes...

I have signed up for Round 2 of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

The whole thing kicks off for real next Monday (13th May) and at the moment I am working through the Pre-Season tasks.

I am loving the concept of the plan so far as I really agree that I need to have my head in the right space to achieve weight loss and fitness goals. I got to the fourth pre-season task and may have stalled for a week...it involves what I am doing right now...putting my commitment to my future out there in public.
This is daunting. But it's time to shake things up and do things differently.

Many times I have started a health-kick and fizzled out in the first couple of weeks.
I've lost count of the number of times I've joined Weight Watchers to then not actually follow the plan and get more and more miserable each week when the scales showed what I knew in my heart - that I wasn't committed.

I like to think this time is different. I feel more determined. I am looking forward to trying the exercise options. I am keen for some more healthy meal ideas. And I am putting it out there in public.
I plan to give this a go. Commit for 12 weeks (that's only 3 months and these days that time period seems to go by in the blink of an eye!), get through Winter and come out the other side fitter and healthier and hopefully a few kg's lighter.

My commitment for the next 12 weeks is to follow the plan - find the time to do the exercise, eat the healthy meals and snacks and monitor my results.

I'm not posting a before picture or any stats here now because looking at them upsets me. But I will record them and in 12 weeks I'll be back here to show how far I've come.

I can do this!


  1. Good for you! I will be cheering you on from the sidelines and wishing you well for this challenge xx

  2. I know how hard the journey towards weight loss and fitness is but you're right, it is all about mindset and it seems to be you're in the right place and ready to nail it. In the words of my trainer "You got this!"

  3. Well done K, the hardest part is often making the decision. But, if it does get tough, just remember to channel Dory... "Just Keep Swimming...". xx


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