Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will you join me for a ***Christmas Cracker*** Swap?

I think I've had a great idea but until I post this and see if I get any responses/sign-ups I won't know if it's as great as I think it is! I also appreciate it's a busy time of year for people and we may all be committed to other swaps already but I'm hoping this one is reasonably simple for people to join in.

Let me explain what made me come up with this swap idea...
This week I bought the Your Home and Garden Christmas issue and was flicking through it. I saw their article on making your own Christmas Crackers and thought it had been years since I made crackers and that I should make some for hubby and Mr Mischief this year with cute little trinkets and quotes/jokes picked out especially for them. (Which I'm still intending to do). But then I realised I wouldn't have a cracker to pull along with them and it would be a shame to make my own because I'd know what was in it.
And just like that - ding! a lightbulb went off somewhere above my head!
Why not see if anyone else would be keen to make and swap special Christmas Crackers? So here I am :-)

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • If you're keen to join in sign up on or before FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER (please - at least one person sign up so I get someone to swap with!). I will then match people up and send out details around the 3rd December.
  • If we have an even number of sign-up's I will probably do 1 on 1 swap partners (you get the name of 1 person and make a cracker for them, they make one for you in return). If there's an odd number I may do a random draw (i.e. you may not be sending a cracker to the same person sending one to you). If you have any preference between these 2 options please let me know here in the comments or in an email.
  • Each cracker should be handmade using a cardboard roll (for a bit of strength to keep the contents safe), pretty papers and embellishments.
  • The cracker should contain a small gift (value $5-10) suited to your swap person (hopefully you will have a blog, twitter or facebook link to find out more about them) AND a quote or a joke that you'd like to share with them.
  • Optional extras include: a snap (I know these may not be easy to get so won't make them compulsory)***, a lolly or sweet treat and a paper hat
  • Aim to send your cracker to your swap person by 15th December (you will have about 2 weeks between getting their name and having to post) so that it arrives with them before Christmas.
  • It's up to you how extravagantly you decorate your cracker. I have been collecting ideas on this Pinterest board that might help. There are also some links to tutorials there as well.
So...please tell me you might be keen? 

If you'd like to sign up send an email to me ( by/on Friday 30th November with a note of:
  • your name, 
  • email address, 
  • postal address
  • and a URL (blog/twitter/facebook) so your cracker maker can hopefully find out more about you and personalise your cracker in some way).
And if you know someone else who might be keen to join in (even if you're not) please spread the word! 
If there's any questions feel free to comment or email me (
If there's enough interest I'll set up a grab-code for the button so you can grab it and share it. Alternatively just save the picture and then link it back to this post :-)

At this stage I am thinking this will be open to NZ addresses only (due to postage times and prices) but if you're overseas and super keen email me and I'll see what I can do!

***Please note: Thanks to Kimberley for letting me know that NZ Post won't let you mail crackers which include a snap as it's considered an explosive! So please don't add snaps to your crackers or you won't be able to mail them. We will all just have to say "bang" when we pull them :-) ***


  1. Cool idea Katie. I brought the same magazine and have been planning to make some for my family too so I'm keen to join in the swap! (any swap that doesn't involve sewing and I'm in! haha)
    will email you my details

  2. Wahooo I knew there was a reason I blog surfed via Kiwi Mummy Blogs!
    Yes I'm in . . . .
    Will email you my details.

  3. I'm very keen :-). I love making crackers.

  4. Yay - another kiwi Christmas swop! I have just done this same thing via an English blog too - lots of fun!Count me in absolutely!

  5. I'm in- haven't made christmas crackers before but have always wanted to give it a go! great idea Katie!

  6. What an awesome idea! I came across a pin with a template to make your own crackers when looking for Eco Christmas ideas:
    As long as ours can be vegan friendly, we would love to swap!

  7. I too am keen to join - already sent you an email :)


I love getting comments and will always try to come and visit you if you have your own blog or reply when I can :-) Thankyou


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