Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secret Santa Links and Ideas

I've spotted a few things on my internet travels lately and thought "what a great idea for a secret santa/stocking filler gift" so I thought I'd share them here...

These plants in a can cost $9.99 and would be a great present for someone who might be keen to grow their own herbs. I'm thinking they could be good for someone who sits at a desk all day - they could grow a little plant right on their desk to suck in all the bad-electrical vibes. I found them on the California Garden Centre Facebook page.

You may be wondering if I am on some kind of commission scheme with Emma Makes given how much I have mentioned her products on here lately :-) I think this set of 5 witty pencils already tucked in a pouch and ready to hand over would be great for an office worker or someone crafty. They cost $10 and include free NZ postage!

I also had a lot of fun combing the Ezibuy Christmas Catalogue when it arrived and found a few great secret santa gifts there too....

How cute is this Cookie Press? You can spell out anything and stamp it onto your cookie. This is right near the top of my Christmas list this year! And only costs $12.99.

I think these rubber duck ice-cubes are pretty quirky and a great addition to a Kiwi Summer Christmas. They cost $12 (at the moment on sale) for 12 ducks.

And another one for baking fans - these little silicon teacup moulds are great for little cakes and cost $9.99 for a set of 4.

And back to the interwebs and all things handmade...

Felt has a great Secret Santa Gift Ideas section in their Christmas Gift Guide so you can also pick up some great ideas there too!

Heart Felt blogged some stocking filler ideas recently including these two items....

For kids and crafty types these Make Your Own Peg Doll kits by Oaktree Mama are a bargain at $5.

And these Pirate sets (containing an eyepatch and bandana) cost only $10 at pommesrouges and fit most adults as well as kids!

If you are a fan of secret santa but don't have the opportunity to do it through your workplace or want the option of another swap why not consider the NZ Twitter Secret Santa? If are you on Twitter why not consider signing up? You can find all the information about it here. Sign-ups close 30th November, the cost is $10 gift plus postage. I have done it the last 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed being involved!

PS. If you are visiting and have drawn my name in the secret santa any of these presents would be AWESOME and I also like rainbows, crafty things and anything that twinkles :-)

PPS. If you have spotted any great stocking stuff or secret santa gifts and have a link please do share in the comments :-)


  1. I love those cookie stamps - I might have to buy some for myself and wrap them for under the tree :o)

  2. Katie you are brilliant!!! I can't say what I am going to get my friends as I suspect one of them may read your blog but several of your ideas are just GOLD! And even better, no hustling through the malls and crowds to get them - internet shopping, the best kind of shopping!


  3. The plants in a can are a great idea! You can often get a set of 12 silicon teacup moulds for $9.99 on one of the daily deal sites (can't remember which ones). They make even the most simple cupcakes look amazing!


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