Saturday, November 17, 2012

Instagram Fans: StickyGram Discount Code

I love StickyGram! 
It lets you turn your Instagram photos into cute little 2x2inch magnets. I blogged about them a while ago when I ordered the magnets in this picture above. The best thing about it is you log-in with your Instagram log-in details and it brings up your Instagram feed so you can just click on the photos you want to turn into magnets. Nothing complicated and no uploading :-)
I get their newsletter by email and noticed a special offer that may benefit readers of my blog so I thought I'd share it....
If you use this friend code: FRIEND384D when you order it gives you $2 off your order (meaning you get 9 magnets of your instagram photos for $12.99 (US$) including international postage! (That's only $16NZ at today's conversion - less than $1.80 per magnet!) They'd made great stocking stuffers/Christmas pressies!

(Disclaimer: If you use this code it also gives me a $2 credit to my account which means I get to order some new Stickygrams! Yay!)

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  1. these are cool, if I was an instagrammer I would SO do this!


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