Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scrapbooking: Document 2012: May

Well after all that talk last month of being nearly up to date I didn't get around to making my May pages for my Document 2012 scrapbook album until the end of June/early July! This month I will attempt to get my June pages made sooner!
I'm also going to be running out of the 9 4x4 pocket pages soon (I got a set of 10 at the start of the year) so need to work out where to get some more from. I couldn't find any in New Zealand last time I looked so ordered them from a UK store and got my Mum to post them to me! If you know where I might find them please let me know :-)

Here's how my May pages turned out...

1st pocket page: my usual monthly mosaic across 2 pockets, some craft fair purchases, my mothers-day-present-to-myself hycainths, a wintery looking photo, boys baking, a RAK I gave to someone, my new role as Editor for Parents Centre PN and Whittakers Peanut Butter block.

Mr Mischief's page for the month sharing what he was doing, saying and loving in May.

My feature page for the month was all about Mothers Day and I included the card I got and also the card that came with the flowers my Mum sent me.

2nd pocket page: crochet baby hat and talk of a baby shower I attended, more crochet baby hats, an Autumn rainbow, the dog who doesn't get featured much poor thing, Mr Mischief eating his dinner up the table, first fluffy, my rainbow ripple and it's reveal, Mr Mischief and a friend playing, Mr Mischiefs face painted as a Cheetah!

There's not much scrapbook technique and skill going into these pages but that's okay. My focus at the moment is to use my photos and write words so that in a few years time we can look back at these pages and get a snapshot of our lives now.

I'm still enjoying this project and hope to continue until the end of the year at least.

I'm also in the process of trying to put together a post on how monthly documenting works for me in case it would be helpful for anyone who wants to give it a go. Hopefully that will be posted next week.

You can see all of my Document 2012 pages here.

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