Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Creative Space: Party bags for 2 year olds

We are coming up to Mr Mischief's 2nd birthday in August (I'll leave my wonderment over how quickly 2 years has passed for another day!) and this coming weekend we have a joint coffee group 2nd birthday party (for our antenatal class) as it's in the middle of all the toddler birthdays.

I'm on party bag duty again - totally by choice - I LOVE party bags and working out what to put in them.
I've been planning them for an embarrassingly long time and collected bits and pieces over the last month or so. Over the weekend I got the bags decorated and we put each of the items in each bag ready for the big day.

I found some fluorescent coloured paper bags at the Warehouse. They were 10 for $3.50 which I thought was reasonable (except I needed 11 so had to buy 2 packs but I am sure I will be able to use the other 9 for something!) I didn't want to use plastic as I thought paper was a little more classy plus removes the suffocation risk. 

The bags seemed a little plain so I wanted to add something to make them a little bit special. I punched out 11 silver circles and then 11 scallop circles in co-ordinating (with the bag) colours. I had some paper cut-out 2's so used those atop each silver circle and scallop circle to make a little embellishment for each bag. I stuck it all together and onto the bag with a gluestick.

For each bag I added:
  • a mini playdoh (which is suitable for 2 years and up). I got a set of 15 for $9.99 at the supermarket
  • a plastic cookie cutter (these were SO hard to find at a reasonable price, I tried heaps of places and in the end found sets of 8 at Toy World for $4.99)
  • a balloon
  • a Freddo chocolate bar
  • a lollipop
  • some stickers (I bought a book of them for a couple of dollars at Uncle Bills and cut them up - they are party/birthday themed)

So each bag has worked out to cost less than $3 to make up (that's not counting money for the leftover items as I am sure I will be able to use them for something else). Pretty good huh?

I've opened it up to the other parents as well in case they want to add something. One of the mum's is going to buy some little bags of chippies to add and I think another mum is going to get something too.

Here's one of the bags with all the items that it has inside. I hope the toddlers like them!

You can see ideas for 1st birthday party bags (and decorations) here and how last year's party turned out here.

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