Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Kiwiana Themed Afternoon Tea

To celebrate becoming NZ citizens we decided to hold a Kiwiana themed, family friendly afternoon tea. It was lots of fun.

Mr Mischief was on decorating committee - we had black balloons and NZ flags practically everywhere the eye could see!

We made fairy bread...

And had pineapple lumps, jet planes, jaffas, cheezels, twisties (all healthy food huh? I promise there was some carrot and celery with hummus!) with black napkins...

There were cheezels and we asked everyone to bring a plate. A lady that G works with brought these awesome hedgehogs with pineapple, cheese and pickled onions on cocktail sticks stuck into half an orange!

We even kiwi-fied the Keep Calm and Carry On art with some black balloons and a cut-out kiwi shape...

We dressed up for the occasion - hubby in his All Blacks top and me in black with a Silver Fern pin (interesting fact about the pin - hubby wore it on his kilt at our wedding as his kilt pin as a nod to our NZ wedding!)

And it wouldn't be a Kiwi party without pavlova. This was a kiwifruit pav. We forgot all about it in the fridge though and only remembered when everyone had gone home - ooops!

We had the Great NZ Songbook playing in the background and the food people brought was great - we had mince pies, kiwi fruits, chocolate fudge, crispy cakes, chips and dip, mallow puffs and a trillion pineapple lumps!
It was a fantastic way to celebrate our new Kiwi status!


  1. congratulations on becoming kiwi citizens! love your kiwi treats mmm pineapple lumps!

  2. Such a great idea! We might have to borrow this when we get our act together and apply to become NZ citizens (if that's ok!)

  3. mmmmm pineapple lumps and pav mmmmm yum :)


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