Friday, June 1, 2012

photo a day : : May

Wow - how did it get to the end of May people? 2012 is disappearing fast!
Here's a look at my May photo-a-day mosaics from my phone app...

I have to admit some days with the light fading early I panic a bit if I haven't taken any photos! If that happens I've been trying to find something that symbolises what I've been busy doing that day and taking a picture of that (i.e. when I was so busy with the editing of the Parents Centre local magazine I took a photo of my Editor's Note!).
Without all these daily photos I wouldn't remember as much about these toddler days of Mr Mischief so I am so glad I'm capturing a lot of his funny moments :-)

You can see all of my photo-a-day posts here.

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