Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jubilee Celebrations

Perhaps it was our recent trip to the UK that got me in the spirit of the Jubilee or perhaps it's the fact that this will likely be the last celebration of all things British where I'm wholly British (more on that soon I promise!).
But whatever it was - got into the spirit I did...

We had yummy roast beef with amazingly good homemade Yorkshire Puddings (thanks to hubby!) for dinner on Sunday followed by Sticky toffee pudding and Ambrosia Devon Custard from the UK shop!

My Mum sent us some red, white and blue balloons with Union Jacks on so we blew a few up and the dog popped most of them!

She also sent some Union Jack bunting so that has been adorning our front window in the lounge.

And while we were in the UK I bought some Cath Kidston Jubilee paper chains which me and Mr Mischief had fun putting together last week (he licked the gummy bits and I put it together!)

And my most favourite - I made butterfly cakes with white, blue and red butter icing and Union Jack cupcake cases from Lakeland. I made 12 so I could get some photos of them on my cupcake stand with the Keep Calm and Carry On picture in the background!

It was a fun weekend. I'm really hoping they show the concert on TV as it sounds like it was great with Madness performing on the roof of Buckingham Palace!

Did you do anything to enjoy the Jubilee?

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