Monday, March 14, 2011

A visit to the zoo

My Mum is here for a visit at the moment - woop! She's here for 3 weeks and arrived last Wednesday.
On Saturday we piled in the car and headed down to Wellington for the day.
First up was a visit to Baby on the Move to get bubs sorted with his next car seat (at 7 months he was nearly growing out of his capsule!)
Once that was sorted we had lunch in Petone in a lovely cafe called Caffeind - delish!
And then it was on to the zoo. It was Bubs and Nanny's first visit to Wellingon Zoo and G and I hadn't been for a few years. We had a lovely time wandering up and down the hills in the sunshine.

Got lots of lovely animal pictures to share...don't animal photos just make you go awwwwww?! :-)


And here's another photo to make you go awwww! First visit to the zoo = a success!


  1. Lovely photos! I had no idea Wellington had a zoo. Will have to put it on the to do list when we ever get there!


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