Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make a video of your photos using Pummelvision

I found a cool website yesterday called Pummelvision.
You can link to an online album of your photos and it makes them into a video.
I took a photo a day when I was 27 so I used the album of those images from my Flickr account to make the video.
You just link up to the album and then a vimeo/youtube account (I already had a youtube account) and then enter your email address and they email you when the video is ready. It only took a couple of hours and it's awesome to look back over a year of my life in three and a half minutes.
I'm now contemplating a wedding version and I'm also thinking about baby's first year (we are trying to take a photo on the same day every week) so need to get some photos sorted!

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  1. Wow I should really do this! It looks very cool.


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