Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I'm Loving

I've decided to join in with Paisley Jade's Thing's I'm Loving this week so here goes!

This week I'm loving...

the apple pie I made yesterday - here it is just before the top went on and it went in the oven...

a new toy for baby - Fisher Price Stacking cups in rainbow colours. He LOVES them and so do I!

My two daytime companions are best friends most of the time and yesterday there was even some hand/paw holding! (under close supervision I might add)

A gorgeous little purse I ordered from Megan at MouseHouse - it's called Katie Rose and I couldn't resist. Megan is kindly donating proceeds of sales from her shop to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal so get over there and grab something now!

A couple of jam tarts I made with the leftover pastry from the apple pie

Taking photos of my gorgeous boy with the camera on my new phone

It's been good to take some photos and celebrate what makes me happy :-)


  1. I love your list - love apple pie and those tarts look yum too!! The paw holding sounds cute... and bit of that goes on here (under close supervision as well). Thanks so much for joining in!

  2. All delicious, the puppy, the day time companion, the baking, yummo!! Love Posie


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